Monday, June 24, 2013

Purifying The Air in Your Home - Part 5

     In the last several blogs I have shared a number of tips to help keep the air in your cleaner, healthier and safe for you and your family. Continuing now are two more ideas from the American Lung Association.
     First: Avoid Pesticides, and Pests, Learn 3 letters: IPM

Pesticides used to curb household pests can allow harmful chemicals into your home, and may cause added health dangers to children and pets. Some pests can even trigger allergic reactions and worsen asthma.
     Solution?: Practice Integrated Pest Management, (IPM) to keep your home free of pests and harmful chemicals alike. IPM includes simple things like blocking holes that allow pests into your home, and keeping food in tightly sealed containers. Cover your trash cans and keep your floors and counters free of crumbs and food particles. Use bait traps if necessary to catch pests. Only use chemicals as a last resort and get professional help.

     Second: Avoid Toxic Products
Consumer products can produce harmful air pollution indoors. Hair and nail products, cleaning products, art and hobby supplies and other common products can increase the levels of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Some of the VOCs in these products include substances linked to cancer, headaches, eye and throat irritation and worsened asthma.
Look for products which are marked "low VOCs" and be sure to open windows and use exhaust fans when using these products.
      In the next blog I will share more of these awesome tips that I know you will not want to miss. Oh, by the way, following the tips given here today will also help you be 'greener' in your life and kinder to the environment. For more helpful HVAC tips check out my blogs at Also go our website at

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