Friday, June 21, 2013

Purifying The Air In Your Home - Part 4

     I am continuing my efforts to share ideas and tips to purify the air in your home. These tips are based on 25 tips from the American Lung Association. Along with these I add things I have learned over the years that may be of help my readers. Here are the next 3 tips.
     1. Beware of Dry Cleaning  Chemicals

Dry cleaning solvents, and solvents of most any kind are strong chemicals, and can be toxic to breathe. It is good to let dry cleaned items air outdoors before bringing them inside. Hanging them outside for a couple of hours will allow them air out. Who knew?!? I have never done this and never have thought about it. I have friends that leave dry cleaning in the plastic bag until they are worn. This just keeps those toxic chemicals trapped in your clothing.
  2. Be Wary of Old Lead Paint

   Keeping the air clean within the walls of your home starts with the walls themselves. Lead based paint can still be found in homes built before 1978. Any peeling, chipping or chalking of lead-based paint can increase the risk ofunhealthy lead exposure. Young children riskk delays in mental development, lower IQ and beavioral problems from inhaling lead paint dust. Some of those damages can be permanent.
     Remodeling tht requires sanding, scraping or removing walls will release paint dust into your living space. You can reduce the risk by taking proper steps to minimize the danger. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  has suggestions on their website to protect you and your family.
     3. Vent Your Wood Stove (Or Better, Shut It Off)
Fireplaces and wood or gas stoves in your home can produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and fine particle pollution as well as other toxic air pollutants.
     Use a fireplace or wood stove ONLY if you must have it for heat. If you must use a wood or gas stove or fireplace, make certain it is fully vented to the outside. Wood stoves should meet State codes and emission standards, which require cleaner burning stoves.
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