Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Going Green" without going broke

You may have thought that all comfortguyjerry has on his mind is 'comfort'. Sometimes 'comfort' and 'green' seem to be at odds, but I am going to give you four ways you can go green, stay comfortable, and do it with out breaking the bank. Really! You don't have to live in a house built of straw, buy windows that are more expensive then a trip to the Bahama's, or put up some ugly solar panels on top of your house. Now, I'm not saying those things don't work. They do. I am just saying that there are things you can do to be "green" that can be more affordable, and available to the average person. So here is what I would suggest.

     1. Install a super high efficiency heating and cooling system.
              That would be like taking 3 million cars of the road. Saving you money
               and saving the planet
     2. Replacing a standard hot water tank with a Tank-less water heater.
               That would mean saving over 100 cypress trees a year by reducing  C02's in
                the atmosphere
                Saving you money and at the same time protecting our environment.
                Why keep water hot 24/7. Heat only when you need it.Win, win!

    3. Adding a whole house electronic air clean to your duct system.
                Means a cleaner home, less allergy medicine, fewer trips to the doctor.
                Improving your health and saving money at the same time.

    4. Adding a whole house humidifier to your duct work.
               Moist air feels warmer then dry air so you will be able to lower your
               thermostat and your energy consumption. Again, good for the planet and
               saving you money.

See, that wasn't so hard. You didn't even have to move, use recycled toilet paper, or buy and electric car.
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